The antics of the ACLU

Well, just today I read that the ACLU is going after a university in Montana. Oh my, they may have mentioned God in a graduation service, and of course that goes against the Constitution and the separation clause. Excuse me – I challenge anyone to find the great religion clause that everyone likes to talk about. You know, the WALL OF SEPARATION. You won’t find it in the Constitution, Bill of Rights, or the Declaration of Independence. It is a figment of the imagination. Congress was told clearly by the Founding Fathers that they were to make no laws in the establishment of religion or the free exercise thereof. I don’t see Congress establishing a religion just because it recognizes Christianity and it rightful position in our society. The truth of the matter is that Congress was not to stick it neck into the churches business (unlike the Church of England). This doesn’t mean that Christianity is not to publicly affect politics. All of the 50 state constitutions recognize God’s role in the public square. However, the ACLU, which is suppose to be concerned about Civil affairs has continued to attack the very thing that established their freedom. I find it actually humorous that the heading at their website reads: Because Freedom Can’t Protect Itself. What a joke! It is the ACLU that continues to attack the freedoms that make this country so great. 

I for one will do all within the power of my voice to speak out against them, and to educate people about the TRUTH. They seek to protect our enemies, while they seek to strip away the freedoms we enjoy. Consider the following three:

  • Lawsuit against Montana school (for crying out loud it is a University).
  • Detainees at Guantánamo Bay were low-level fighters (Release them is their concept).
  • In their own words: Arizona’s new law is a watershed moment for its blatant disregard of America’s most fundamental values of fairness and equality. ACLU legal teams are preparing to challenge it on constitutional grounds. (Lets open our borders and allow everyone to come in – NOT!).
   The ACLU is the same group that wants to take "In God we Trust" off our coins, "One Nation Under God" out of our pledge. 

   Last year I attended the graduation service at Timberlake High school. It was extremely sad (one that the ACLU) would have been proud of. No mention of God, Christianity, or any religion. Slides were shown of the school principal and the vice-principal running around in pink tutu’s as a fund raiser (the ACLU probably would have promoted this as well). No speeches were made, and nothing of any value was shared with the graduates (another thing the ACLU would have liked). Nothing of substance was shared, and there watching the graduates through the past year I see kids without morals, moving into society bringing with all of their problems (but lets pretend that they are the healthy ones, and we are the sick ones). They will cost us, for it has been said, "Pay now, or pay later". I believe that we are actually doing both. Tax payer education funding school that teach no morality (the ACLU likes this), and we have no American patriotism as a result. 

It is time, right now, today, in the present we speak up, to stand out, and to hold the ACLU accountable. Shame on them hiding behind the symbol of the Statue of Liberty.

Let Freedom Ring!

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