Where are you with CULTURE?

Where are you and I when it comes to culture? I hear people on the West and East Coasts talk about people living inland (country living), and they say things like, “You’re not very cultured”, or “Where you live, lacks culture”. I hear those statements and I literally laugh inside (I have a real: lol moment). According to some people the more you embrace culture, the more cultured you are. Really? I’m not sure we should buy into that thought pattern. Take a look at the statement below:¬†images-11

I think I can agree with that statement. Our culture will often determine our values. Just think of how we have watched the slippery slop of events happen here in America. We have seen how culture shapes our values in a wide variety of ways, everything from drug use in Oregon, Washington, Colorado, and Alaska, to legalization to same sex marriage by the vote of the Supreme Court of the United States. Will culture continue to shape America and Americans?

I am so surprised to listen to people talk, and they are of the opinion that they are not affected by their culture. What you embrace in your culture will shape your values. This is why in America we can kill babies in the womb, and then market their parts for financial gain. As if Congress should have an issue about shutting down Planned Parenthood.

We talk about a responsible culture. Have you ever heard those words before? You see, what you and I embrace in our present day culture will determine how we live tomorrow. I remember a program in the schools called: D.A.R.E. – Drug Abuse Resistance Education. The goal was to help kids to say no to peers who may try to get them to do drugs. Excuse me – we now have state approved drug dispensaries! How has culture played a role in that one? Sorry, maybe I should just be quiet and sweep it under a rug somewhere. The topic may get a little difficult to talk about.

Culture tells us all the time that if it legal, that it is permissible. Are you aware that the Bible says, “All things are lawful, but not all things are helpful.” (I Cor. 6:12). How is culture shaping your values? What are you embracing today that you would have never dreamed of accepting ten years ago?

Picture two arrows going into the opposite direction. The arrow on the left is our modern day culture (that does pierce our values) Рit flies at a rapid speed. The second arrow in the right is YOU. Here are three ways we can deal with our culture: 1. Soar above culture. 2. Become like your culture. 3.  Seek to change your culture.

Consider the following slides:

Well, I hope that I have provided us some things to think about. I truly believe that God has called us to engage our culture, but NOT to become like our culture. Far too many Christians have become like culture and have embraced the values that go along with it.

Paul wrote, “Be not conformed to this world, but be transformed.” (Romans 12:2)

Conformed or Transformed? Which describes you right now?