Normal: Are we being deceived?

I would like to offer you a free PDF booklet on the topic of homosexuality. We are being told that it is normal, and that its love between two people. Well, it is important that we stop and look at all things through the biblical reference point. It make sense that we consult the owners-creators manual of all life. Bottom line is this – God made male and female, two distinct people, and God Himself brought Adam and Eve together. God performed the first marriage, and it was between a man and a woman. We cannot accept anything less than what is presented in the Bible. People can argue until they are blue in the face, and they can hold up their posters which decry the Biblical stance on sex and humanity, but they can even cry: “homophobic” towards those who hold to a traditional moral code. I do believe that the free PDF booklet that I am offering will provide you with a clear and solid presentation of the battle that we are facing today.

As the US Supreme Court is about to hand down a ruling on two very important cases (Prop 8 out of California, and DOMA) it is my hearts prayer that they take the higher ground. There is a road that leads to destruction and many are on it, and there is a road that leads to life and few are on it (Matt. 7). My concern is should our Justices turn away from thousands of years of world history that the demise of our nation will follow in a very short time.

Homosexuality is a sin and it is a choice. People choose to sin, and they make a choice to practice homosexuality. In the end I am not their judge (Almighty God is), however, I know for a fact that all sin eventually ends in death. I for one encourage people all the time to choose LIFE!

I hope we as citizens of the United States will encourage all of our friends and family members to stop the sin, and start making smarter choices.

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What I Believe on Moral issues

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