New Message Series: Two Becoming One

This coming Sunday I will start a bSlide1rand new never preached before series of messages that deal with problem areas of every marriage. We will tackle areas of friendship in marriage, communication, in-laws, money issues, sex, roles, and much more. I would love to have you follow this series all the way through. I will seek to make posts weekly – providing small bits and pieces of what the sermon was about. You’ll also be able to hear the sermon as well as watch the sermon here on the sermon page of this blog site.

Why a series about marriages? Well, it is because marriage is in serious trouble. I would like to encourage you to think about this question: Who do you know that has a great marriage? Did you think of a person? Did you come up with the name of a couple immediately? Were they right on the end of your tongue? Were you able to come up with three or four couples? I really doubt it. However, if you were I would love to hear from you. Please email me the names of the couples you came up with, and tell me one thing that makes their marriage pop out to you.

I have been pastoring now for well over thirty years, and I can only think of a few couples that I have met that have a dynamic marriage. That’s it – only a few. So then, why is it that marriages are not thriving? Is it possible that we might have a wrong view about marriage? Do we enter marriage with unreal expectations? Do we see marriage only through our own immediate eyes (and not through our mates eyes as well)? Perhaps there are a hundred of reasons why more couples don’t come to our mind.

I know society today has a mixed up mind when it comes to marriage. So then, if we can no longer trust society when it comes to marriage, and we don’t know a lot of couples with great marriages than perhaps its time to turn back to the master’s blueprint for marriage. After all, I do believe that the creator if marriage can provide for us some truly great answers as to how to build our marriages for the glory of God, and at the same time our own personal enjoyment.

Come this Sunday and check out the first message in the new series.


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