I want a Bible – what type of Bible shall I get?

Last Sunday a young man, 19 years old walked up to me after church saying, “I want to get a Bible. Pastor Kim, what kind of Bible shall I get?”

That is a great question. Many of us have two or three, perhaps more Bible’s lined up on our book cases. I sat down with me, went to the internet and looked at the various types of Bible available online. My O my how many Bible’s are there today.

NIV, KJV, ESV, NASV, NNIV, and on and on it goes. Not to mention, Charles Stanley Study Bible, MacArthur Study Bible, Life Application Study Bible, Quest Study Bible, Mission of God Study Bible, Archaeological Study Bible, and Favorite Authors Study Bible to name a few. So many choices.

It has been said, “The best Bible is the one that you will read.” What Bible are you reading from right now?

I walked into the sanctuary of the church building, reached under a seat, and pulled out a gift Bible that we make available to people who visit church, but who do not bring a bIble with them. These Bible’s are available for people to use and to follow along with us as I preach on Sunday morning. I took the Bible and I handed it to John. I said, “John, here is a Bible that is free, and it is our gift to you.” I wrote the following message on the inside of the Bible cover: “This book will keep you from sin, or sin will keep you from this book.”

Years ago a friend of mine wrote in a Bible that he gave me the following words, “Seven days without the Lord makes one WEAK.” That is a good point!

Finally, I heard from a pastor one morning the following statement, “It doesn’t matter how a man makes his Bible, but how the Bible marks the man.” Is your Bible marking your life?

I suggest that all of us read Psalm 119 – the longest and most beloved Psalm. All 176 verses deal with the value of the Scripture. Pause today long enough to read through this Psalm. Highlight ny verses the speak directly to you, and there you have God’s Word for you today.

Dr. Adrian Rogers use to say, “These hath God married and no man can part, dust on the Bible and drought on the heart.”You can live well without knowing God’s Word.

Take the needed time today to read your Bible – the one you own. The one that you can find on the internet. Read it and heed it and obey it and follow it. Be wise and be used by Almighty God.

Remember this: The Bible is not the book of the month or even the book of the year. It is the Book of the ages.

  • The Bible is a timeless book – Psalm 119:89
  • The Bible is a truthful Book – Psalm 119:160
  • The Bible is a treasured book – Psalm 119:72

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