Home Group Discussion Guide

  • Open in prayer
  • Brief recap of sermon – “Party Time!”
    • #1 – A Reason to Celebrate (Neh 12:27)
      • A purpose – 12:27
      • Honoring people – 12:27
      • Wonderful Music
    • #2 – Elements of a Celebration (Neh 12:27-42)
      • There should be gladness
      • There should be thanksgiving
      • There should be singing and music
      • There should be people involved
    • #3 – The Result of a Godly Celebration (Neh 12:43-47)
      • The people offered great sacrifices
      • The people rejoiced with great joy
    • Conclusion:
      • Three parts of a celebration:
  1. A Reason to Celebrate
  2. Elements of a Celebration
  3. Results of a Godly Celebration

Discussion Points

  • Psalm 100:4
    The Israelites had a lot of reasons to be thankful and to celebrate. Discuss some of those recently read about in Nehemiah. Discuss some of the reasons you are thankful today and have reason to celebrate.
  • Col 3:16, Ps 95:1, Eph 5:19; Ps 105:2; 2 Chr 5:13
    There is a meme going around that is something like this: “I’m sorry you don’t like the kind of music I sing at church, and that I don’t have a very good singing voice. But I’m not worshiping you with my music and song.”  What kind of music do you like at church?  Who is being worshiped, and for whom is the music?
  • Ex 4:14, Is 40:31, Ps 40:16, Matt 5:12, Romans 15:13, Revelation 19:7
    What do these verses have in common? What reasons do we have to be glad? Are you glad?
  • Heb 13:15
    Have you ever had something happen that you thought was impossible, and yet it still happened (like rebuilding the wall around Jerusalem in 52 days)? Describe an extraordinary event that has happened in your life, and recognize it came from God’s goodness, and thank Him for it.
  • Rom 6:23, John 3:23
    Here is a quote from Pastor Kim’s sermon: “When you and I know that God has been active in our lives, as the Israelites knew that God was working in their midst, then like the Israelites we too will offer great sacrifice (of all kinds). You and I wouldn’t be able to help ourselves because sacrifice is the natural by-product that follows when God is working.” Discuss some of the ways you see that God is active in your life, and working in your midst.
  • Neh 12:44-47
    There were new responsibilities now that the temple, city, and city walls were built around Jerusalem (some of that was done before Nehemiah got there). What were some of the responsibilities? What are our responsibilities for maintaining SLBC?

Personal Applications

  • There is a song written by Irving Berlin titled “Count Your Blessings Instead of Sheep”, and was sung by many, including Bing Crosby in White Christmas. If you don’t know lyrics, look them up (make sure to find the song by Irving Berlin). Then consider the many blessings in your life, and thank God for them.
  • Consider throwing a party – make a list of people with whom you have recently completed something worthwhile. Then invite them to get together to celebrate the accomplishment. Be sure to include the elements of a Godly celebration as outlined in Pastor Kim’s sermon:  the reason, include gladness, thanksgiving, music (and singing?), food, and make sure the result is a Godly celebration.

Memory verse for the week

  • “Make a joyful shout to the LORD, all you lands!” Ps 100:1