Good Morning America Attacks Christianity (ABC)

Talk about an agenda, and an open and blatant attack against Christianity in America. The program that aired today, July 12, 2011, and began by making Michele Bachmann’s Family business front and center. Michele and her husband run a Christian Counseling Center. If there is one thing I know about counseling it is this: it is very hard to get people to seek counseling. Most people believe that they have life by the tail. No one is forced to go to counseling, especially CHRISTIAN COUNSELING. It appalls me that we are seeing such fragrant attacks against someones FAITH! Remember back in the book of Daniel that his contemporaries could find nothing wrong with his personal values, so they attacked his FAITH as well. Daniel prayed three times a day. What’s wrong with that? Well, it appears that Good Morning America producers have a problem. Go to the ABC website and see for yourself it reads: Bachmann’s Clinic Trying to Change Orientation? Former patients accuse clinic co-owned by Bachman of trying to convert gay men. (

They sent a man into the counseling center with a hidden camera. The man posed as a homosexual seeking to get help to overcome his sinful behavior. The counselor told him that when he had urges to act out that he turn to prayer and God’s Word. Those on Good Morning America turned to the Psychiatric world who apparently believe that prayer and God’s Word only make homosexual tendencies worse. Why don’t they tell that message to the millions of people whose lives have been changed by the power of prayer and God’s Word! The talking heads went on to say that prayer and God’s Word does nothing, and can make matters worse. How sad that they would attack the good and support the evil. Sin of any kind is evil, and yet GMA would attack Michele Bachmann’s faith, and support the sinful behavior of the homosexual lifestyle.

Excuse me – going into a counseling center is a matter of CHOICE! Going into a Christian counseling center is also a matter of CHOICE! Surely GMA is not against people making a free-will decision to go into counseling. Why is it that it is alright to help obese people overcome their addictions through counseling, but when it is a matter of sexual lifestyle choices it is another matter? I was very appalled in this peace when George said, “The man did say that the counselor was caring.” Brian Ross said, “Yes, but he was trying to change him.” Isn’t that what counselors do? Who would waste their time going to a counselor who didn’t want to see people change. Isn’t that what Brain Ross is trying to do with his media piece – change people. How dare him. Couldn’t we accuse him that his reporting is trying to convert people’s belief system? Sound’s like down with the GOP – they have wacko ideas.

As Christians we need to spend more time praying for these people who report news. As you read your Bible pray for those who appear to be attacking Christianity. To the whole crew at ABC – you have been prayed for today. Hopefully you will also someday see the wonderful freedom in following God’s Word – The Bible!

Why don’t ABC and GMA spend more time on reporting NEWS instead of trying to promote their agenda.

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