Disaster Relief Ministry

DISASTER-RELIEF-LOGO-4C1-copy-300x227Here at SLBC we are planning for disasters. No one knows when a disaster might strike. What is a disaster? Anything that is out of the ordinary that causes stress in someones life.
This could be a natural disaster like weather storms, fires or even an unexpected death of a family member or friend. Disaster could hit an individual, family or community.
We want to be READY to minister when disaster strikes. Training opportunities are available throughout our area and nationwide for those who would like to become trained and ready if and when needed.
Some of the areas to serve in the event of Disaster are:
Feeding Units – Providing meals to victims of disaster and volunteers who come to help.
Recovery Units – Providing help to clean up after the disaster, such as Fire Recovery, Flood Recovery, and Wind Recovery, etc.
Shower Units – Providing a place for victims and volunteers to shower in the event of disaster.
Laundry Units – Providing a place to have clothes washed for volunteers and victims.
Chaplaincy – Providing trained individuals who help both victims and volunteers walk through the emotional and spiritual needs that arise during a disaster.
Child Care Units – Providing child care for victims when disaster strikes. (No child care is available for volunteers.)
Rebuild Teams – Rebuilding after a Disaster.
Get trained and BE READY so when Disaster strikes you will be READY to GO!
Here at SLBC we have a Recovery Unit which is equipped to help in a disaster either in our community or on a national level. Since 2013, we have had teams deployed to Colorado and Washington for Flood Recover, Fire Recovery and Feeding Units; along with our Chaplains.
If you are interested in Getting Involved in SBDR, contact Jeff or Carla Floyd at slbccarla@gmail.com
Here are some Pictures of a recent training event in Richland, Washington.
Training and hands on experience:
Sending Help for Victims of Hurricane Harvey
Leatha Traphagan helping in Houston, Texas