Culture Shock doesn’t Shock Us Any More

Man - Sex - God - YaleI was sent an email by a church parishioner. It was entitled: Man, Sex, God, and Yale. It is a book written by Nathan Harden, who spoke at Hillsdale Collage  on September 20, 2012. Nathan shared about a book that was written by William F. Buckley back in 1951, in which he underscored the tention that existed at that time for students attending Yale. Buckley wrote that the academic agenda of Yale at that time was antagonistic towards the Christian worldview, and free enterprise. Now, some 50 years later and Nathan pens a book in which he shares that Yale has move further down the road of “diversity” than Buckley would have ever imagined. He shares in his book what he saw as an undergraduate at Yale. Brace yourself:

  • A classmate was given approval to create an art object out of what she claimed was blood and tissue from self-induced abortions.
  • Professor openly praised terrorist organizations, such as Hamas,  and Hezbollah.
  • Culture of promiscuity reigned – Yale pioneered, “Sex Week”.
  • Hard core Porn was shown in classrooms.
  • Sex toy creators marketed their creations to students on campus.
  • Students held a “Porn Star” look alike contest.
  • Porn star was invited into classroom, and stripped down to bare breasts.

This is all defended by Yale in the name of academic freedom.

Nathan writes that Yale has lost its ability to discern between:

  • Art and pornography
  • Right and wrong

What is left for Yale is what is happening all around us – moral relativism. Noting is right, and nothing is wrong. It is all open to your own desire and what you personally feel is right and wrong.

This is why a sworn enemy of America was invited to become a student at Yale (Sayed Rahmatulla Hashemi. (Check it out). He was a former diplomat at-large for the Taliban.  Sayed in an interview with the New York Times stated, “I could have ended up in Guantanamo Bay. Instead, I ended up at Yale.”

This is a school of higher learning! Really? Understand that according to Nathan that 3 of the last 4 Presidents were graduates of Yale, and that 2 of the last 3 Supreme Court appointees were graduates from Yale. he states the following: “What kind of leaders will it be supplying in ten years, given its current direction?”

And its not only Yale that has lost it moorings. The following schools are also hosting sex week – Brown, Duke, Northwestern, University of Illinois, and the University of Wisconsin. They are doing so in the name of academic freedom.

Nathan says, “Our universities have lost touch with the purpose of liberal arts education, the pursuit of truth. In abandoning that mission – indeed, by denying its possibility – our institutions of higher learning are afflicted to the core.

Yes, I think I could actually state that our culture that was once shocked by all these ideas, well, we are no longer shocked any more.


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