Labor Day Review

IMG_7147My family and I enjoyed a wonderful weekend over in Leavenworth, WA. We arrived after spending most of the day traveling. We drove from Spokane to Grand Coulee Dam. It was absolutely amazing to see again. Debbie and I rode bikes through the Dam back in the early 80’s (doesn’t that give our age away?). We went through the visitors center, and took the Dam tour with all of our kids (minus Michael and Kari-Lise). It was about a 50 minute tour. 

We then drove on over to Wenatchee, WA,  and up to Alpine Camp Ground, where Anthony and Aisha spent the nights. Nicholas, Hallie and Derrek stayed in a nice hotel in Leavenworth. The rest of us went back to Super 8 in Wenatchee. 

Sunday we had our church service in the hotel. We watched a message from LifeChurch.TV on Elisha: A Ridiculous Faith. It was about digging ditches and trusting God for the rain. Great message. After church we went and walked around Leavenworth, and ate at a Sausage place. In a German town, eat like the Germans! 



On monday Michael and Kari-Lise drove over from Seattle, and we spent the morning and afternoon with them. We walked the shops, looked at cool things, tried on funny hats. We walked through the Christmas store, and the Nut Cracker store (nut crackers are expensive decoration pieces). Some went for ice cream, and others for coffee. Do you know which I went for? 

At 2:00 PM Nicholas and his family headed home, and at 3:00 the Alexanders and Anderson’s headed for home. Michael and Kari-Lise got home first, Nicholas and Hallie second, and after we dropped off Anthony, Aisha, and Meghan and Matt we arrived home at around 9:30 P.M. 

We had a totally awesome adventure, and are already looking for our next road trip together.