Vacation Bible School – The Big Apple Adventure

It started today at Spirit Lake Baptist Church- Vacation Bible School (aka: VBS) The Big Apple Adventure. It is all about FAITH. In the book of Romans we read, “Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God.” (Rom. 10:17). This is what it is all about – teaching the Word of God so that it will spark the faith that is within everybody. Every person displays faith, but everyone needs faith in the person of Jesus Christ. Today the children learned about the faith the Centurion Soldier – Jesus was impressed with this man’s faith. He simply believed that all Jesus needed to do was to speak the word and his servant would be healed (Matthew 8:8). Will you believe by faith that Jesus Christ is the Son of God? Stop making excuses. You display faith in so many areas of your life already, so why not step out and trust Jesus Christ with your own life. Chances are you aren’t doing too well handling your own life anyways. Most people keep grasping for something in life, but end up with nothing in their hand – it empty, and they feel empty on the inside.

Our Vacation Bible School teaches children that life makes more sense when you establish a relationship with the Son of God. It will make more sense for you as well. Bow your head before the Creator of all things, confess that you are a sinful person, trying to do life without Him, and ask Jesus Christ to cleanse you from all your sin, and to come into your life. It’s not hard to take this step, but praise must be sat aside. If you received Jesus Christ will you leave a comment. Three easy steps:

1. Admit to God that you are a sinner. (We all are).

2. Believe that Jesus Christ died for you.

3. Call upon Him for Salvation. (He will hear, and He will save).

Check out the pictures of Day one

We love kids at VBS

Good Morning America Attacks Christianity (ABC)

Talk about an agenda, and an open and blatant attack against Christianity in America. The program that aired today, July 12, 2011, and began by making Michele Bachmann’s Family business front and center. Michele and her husband run a Christian Counseling Center. If there is one thing I know about counseling it is this: it is very hard to get people to seek counseling. Most people believe that they have life by the tail. No one is forced to go to counseling, especially CHRISTIAN COUNSELING. It appalls me that we are seeing such fragrant attacks against someones FAITH! Remember back in the book of Daniel that his contemporaries could find nothing wrong with his personal values, so they attacked his FAITH as well. Daniel prayed three times a day. What’s wrong with that? Well, it appears that Good Morning America producers have a problem. Go to the ABC website and see for yourself it reads: Bachmann’s Clinic Trying to Change Orientation? Former patients accuse clinic co-owned by Bachman of trying to convert gay men. (

They sent a man into the counseling center with a hidden camera. The man posed as a homosexual seeking to get help to overcome his sinful behavior. The counselor told him that when he had urges to act out that he turn to prayer and God’s Word. Those on Good Morning America turned to the Psychiatric world who apparently believe that prayer and God’s Word only make homosexual tendencies worse. Why don’t they tell that message to the millions of people whose lives have been changed by the power of prayer and God’s Word! The talking heads went on to say that prayer and God’s Word does nothing, and can make matters worse. How sad that they would attack the good and support the evil. Sin of any kind is evil, and yet GMA would attack Michele Bachmann’s faith, and support the sinful behavior of the homosexual lifestyle.

Excuse me – going into a counseling center is a matter of CHOICE! Going into a Christian counseling center is also a matter of CHOICE! Surely GMA is not against people making a free-will decision to go into counseling. Why is it that it is alright to help obese people overcome their addictions through counseling, but when it is a matter of sexual lifestyle choices it is another matter? I was very appalled in this peace when George said, “The man did say that the counselor was caring.” Brian Ross said, “Yes, but he was trying to change him.” Isn’t that what counselors do? Who would waste their time going to a counselor who didn’t want to see people change. Isn’t that what Brain Ross is trying to do with his media piece – change people. How dare him. Couldn’t we accuse him that his reporting is trying to convert people’s belief system? Sound’s like down with the GOP – they have wacko ideas.

As Christians we need to spend more time praying for these people who report news. As you read your Bible pray for those who appear to be attacking Christianity. To the whole crew at ABC – you have been prayed for today. Hopefully you will also someday see the wonderful freedom in following God’s Word – The Bible!

Why don’t ABC and GMA spend more time on reporting NEWS instead of trying to promote their agenda.

A Moment of Silence Vs. Acknowledging Almighty God

Is SILENCE the answer? I don’t believe that it is. SILENCE says,

  • We don’t need God.
  • We are self-sufficient.
  • We are more intelligent than those who lived before us.
  • We depend upon human reasoning.
  • We somehow think silence heals.

How sad that as Americans we have allowed our government to set the platform for how we handle times of crisis. The president and First Lady came out of the White House, stood, closed their eyes, and in the background bells chimed. After a minute, they raised their heads, turned around and walked back inside. Wow! We have come a long way as Americans. Have we forgotten that all 50 States acknowledge God in their States Constitutions? Have we forgotten that our money states a motto: In God We Trust? Have we forgotten that etched into the famous monuments of our nation are reminders that we are a nation based upon the Bible. And can I remind you that “Congress is to make no laws in the establishment of religion, or the free exercise thereof.”

Prayer acknowledges,

  • Our dependence upon God.
  • Our need for divine help.
  • Our continue reliance upon God through tough times.
  • That the LORD, He is God.

What is it going to take in our country for us as a nation to return to God. The Bible reminds us, “Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord.” I think it is time for all of us as citizens to repent, turn from our wicked ways, stop the SILENCE, and start to cry out to Almighty God for help. We must stop allowing the media to set the stage – WE THE PEOPLE is what my Constitution says!

These are my thought, and I hope that they will bless you.

Pastor Kim J. Alexander


Is Anyone Right?

I was visiting You Tube today and was listening to preachers of the past. I also ran across some videos of those who were crying out against some of the modern day preachers. Critical spirits speaking critical words. Just because I am mentioning names here do not mean that I support, nor does it mean that I will take up the club of criticism. Here is a list of the following preachers that were being sliced and diced on You Tube – these are just the ones I saw, and I’m sure that there are many more:

  • Billy Graham
  • Joel Osteen
  • John MacArthur
  • Chuck Swindoll
  • Jerry Falwell
  • Robert Shuller
I personally believe that we say what the Bible says, and that we keep quiet where the Bible is silent. If you don’t like what a preacher is preaching, start your own church (be aware you will have critics). If you don’t like a book that a preacher has written, write your own book (be aware that you will have critics). If you don’t like the fact that God uses people (broken people in a fallen and broken world), well, just wait, you’ll be in glory sooner than you think. We all will, The Bible tells us over and over again that life is short, its a vapor, teach us to number our day, like grass here today and gone tomorrow. I believe that we must stand for TRUTH, but must we be so vicious and attack like wild beasts? Do we scream at one another at the top of our lungs. Are we so right, that we have forgotten the number one rule? "By this all will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another. (John 13:35). If I don’t particularity like a certain preacher, well, I just don’t listen to them. After all, I do have that choice. The most important thing that you and I can do is to help our own church have a powerful influence where God has placed it. 
One generation will pass, and another will come – I just wonder who won’t like us? 
Don’t water down the Gospel – it is the WATER! Perhaps  it would do us all some good to spend much time at the well drinking deeply. 

The antics of the ACLU

Well, just today I read that the ACLU is going after a university in Montana. Oh my, they may have mentioned God in a graduation service, and of course that goes against the Constitution and the separation clause. Excuse me – I challenge anyone to find the great religion clause that everyone likes to talk about. You know, the WALL OF SEPARATION. You won’t find it in the Constitution, Bill of Rights, or the Declaration of Independence. It is a figment of the imagination. Congress was told clearly by the Founding Fathers that they were to make no laws in the establishment of religion or the free exercise thereof. I don’t see Congress establishing a religion just because it recognizes Christianity and it rightful position in our society. The truth of the matter is that Congress was not to stick it neck into the churches business (unlike the Church of England). This doesn’t mean that Christianity is not to publicly affect politics. All of the 50 state constitutions recognize God’s role in the public square. However, the ACLU, which is suppose to be concerned about Civil affairs has continued to attack the very thing that established their freedom. I find it actually humorous that the heading at their website reads: Because Freedom Can’t Protect Itself. What a joke! It is the ACLU that continues to attack the freedoms that make this country so great. 

I for one will do all within the power of my voice to speak out against them, and to educate people about the TRUTH. They seek to protect our enemies, while they seek to strip away the freedoms we enjoy. Consider the following three:

  • Lawsuit against Montana school (for crying out loud it is a University).
  • Detainees at Guantánamo Bay were low-level fighters (Release them is their concept).
  • In their own words: Arizona’s new law is a watershed moment for its blatant disregard of America’s most fundamental values of fairness and equality. ACLU legal teams are preparing to challenge it on constitutional grounds. (Lets open our borders and allow everyone to come in – NOT!).
   The ACLU is the same group that wants to take "In God we Trust" off our coins, "One Nation Under God" out of our pledge. 

   Last year I attended the graduation service at Timberlake High school. It was extremely sad (one that the ACLU) would have been proud of. No mention of God, Christianity, or any religion. Slides were shown of the school principal and the vice-principal running around in pink tutu’s as a fund raiser (the ACLU probably would have promoted this as well). No speeches were made, and nothing of any value was shared with the graduates (another thing the ACLU would have liked). Nothing of substance was shared, and there watching the graduates through the past year I see kids without morals, moving into society bringing with all of their problems (but lets pretend that they are the healthy ones, and we are the sick ones). They will cost us, for it has been said, "Pay now, or pay later". I believe that we are actually doing both. Tax payer education funding school that teach no morality (the ACLU likes this), and we have no American patriotism as a result. 

It is time, right now, today, in the present we speak up, to stand out, and to hold the ACLU accountable. Shame on them hiding behind the symbol of the Statue of Liberty.

Let Freedom Ring!

Finances in a World Gone Mad

How do you and I handle our money today? Some people would rather not talk about it. Others say, “There you go again, you pastor’s always talk about money.” Are you aware that 16 out of the 38 parables in the Bible deal with money? The Bible devotes 500 verses on the subject of prayer, but over 2,000 on money! Do you think money is an issue that we ought not to talk about? Wrong! All I want to do here in this specific blog is to direct you to the following websites. I recently came across them, and I believe you will be encouraged by visiting them:

In the Market – Janet Parshall

Hope that you will find this helpful.