Matthew 9:35-38 A Sphere of Influence

Every person has a sphere of influence. I would suggest that each person has at least five level of influence – (1) Family, (2) Friends, (3) Neighbors (4) Co-workers, and (5) Acquaintances. In this message we will take a look at each of these five spheres. We will move from where we have the greatest influence out to where we may have the least influence. However, all of us have influence. Will it be for Christ, or not?

I Peter 3:7 Home Improvement: How to be a Better Husband and Father

What type of husband and father do you want to be? Listen to this message and you may have a different perspective afterward. Make sure that you have a Bible in hand as you listen along. This message is truly a challenge to all husbands and fathers. Men, there is room for Home Improvement.

Jonah 1:4-9 An Act of God

Pastor Kim continues in his series through the book of Jonah. Here in this message we take a look at the storm that God brought upon the mariners and Jonah. The storm was an attention getter. What storms is God using to get your attention? Grab your Bible and listen to this message.

I Corinthians 13:4-8 An Evident Love

Here Pastor Kim speaks about the love (agape) that believers are to have for one another. We are all probably familiar with this passage of Scripture, but are we applying it in our churches? Here is where the rubber meets the road. With a Bible in hand listen along and allow God to speak to you about loving others in the body of Christ.

Jonah 1:1-3 Wrong Way Jonah

As we continue to make our way through the Minor Prophets we come to the book of Jonah. This book has only four chapters, but what a powerhouse of material found within those four chapters. In this first message we will consider Chapter 1:1-3, and I have entitled this message: Wrong Way Jonah. Here we will discover that God spoke to Jonah, that God commissioned him for missionary service to a very vile and wicked people,and we will see that Jonah decided to intentionally disobey God’s calling for his life. As you listen along you will want to have an open Bible and a pen in hand. Take notes and you will learn more.

Joel 3:18-21 Facets of the Millennium

Pastor Kim brings the book of Joel to a close with this final message. Make sure that you follow along with an open Bible, and with a pen in hand so that you can record what God says to you. In this message he will take a look at four of the great blessings that Judah shall experience during the Millennial Kingdom Age.

Godly Characteristics of a Wife and Mother

Last Sunday we celebrated Mother’s Day. I sure hope that you did something very special for the mother in your life. Pastor Kim takes a look at Godly Characteristics of a Wife and Mother in this sermon based on I Peter 3:1-7. As in all his sermons he requests that you listen along with an open Bible.

Come Follow Me

Jesus called His disciples to follow Him, but what does this look like? In this sermon Pastor Kim shares from three specific passages found in Matthew’s Gospel where Jesus speaks of the cost of discipleship. Take your Bible and listen along. Learn what it means to love Jesus by Following Him.

Joel 3:1-17 The Judgment of the Nations

There is coming a day when the nations of the world will gather together to fight against God and the Jewish people – Israel. God will judge the nations based on the way that they treated Israel throughout their history.

The nations will be defeated when they come up against God, and as they seek to drive Israel into the sea for the very last time. The nations will always lose when God is involved. He is a Father to the Jewish people, and when any nations messes with Israel, well, they are messing with the “apple of God’s eye”.

Pick up your Bible and follow along as Pastor Kim speaks from Joel 3:1-17 on the topic of: The Judgment of the Nations. Also make sure that you have a pen in hand and take note as you listen.


Preaching Clinic – A New Kind of Personal Training

At Spirit Lake Baptist Church I have sought to train the men in our fellowship to step up the the pulpit when I am away, absent due to sickness, or just plain need a break (it is alright to admit that you need a break – that is not a sign of weakness).

Well, I host a Preaching Clinic where I seek to train men to share God’s Word. This is what we are told to do in Ephesians 4:11-12, and it is what I have been doing to SLBC for years now. My first Preaching Clinic had eight guys, out of the eight only four actually graduated. To graduate you have to preach a message that is approved by the Pastor. My goal is not to turn loose men in the pulpit who have no clue how to sermonize, or to accurately cut the Scripture. No, I walk with the guys carefully for 12 weeks, and we study other men and how they preach.

Tons of paper is passed along with all kinds of insights into preaching. I absolutely love to train men to preach, and I love it when I get to sit in the audience and see the results of the “Ha Ha” moments from the class.

We have a great time for 12 weeks as each man has a series of assignments, everything from reading their personal testimony before the men to developing a sales pitch for an item they create (very humorous) – we do a lot of laughing!

My goal is to train men to step in when I am not available. There is no reason to go outside the church. Our men have heard from God too, and they read their Bible’s and they have a lot to offer our church body. The men who sign up for the next preaching clinic will learn the following steps to developing a message for Sunday morning:

  • How to pray – I Thess. 5:17
  • Reading the Bible – Start with a small book, than build your way into something larger.
  • Studying – II Tim. 2:15
  • Learning the value of ones six faithful friends – Who, What, When, Where, How, and Why?
  • Learning to THINK
  • Outlining biblical passages
  • Finding ways to illustrate Scripture
  • Discovering the practical application – How does it apply?

We will watch some great sermons together, and we will listen to one another present small segments of Scripture in a classroom setting. Like I have said, it is going to be tons of fun.

The very last assignment is to prepare your sermon. We will walk through the steps it takes – here are only a few examples: Where does God have you reading in the Bible right now? This may be the place where you develop a sermon from. Surmise: Perhaps what I am living can be shared with others – trouble, pain, loss of loved one, hurt, change of job? Picking a text to preach. Like I said, these are some elementary steps for me, but they will be something I pass along to you.

I hope that we will have a lot of guys who sign up. There is a sign-up sheet on the Welcome table in the entrance way of the church. Sign up today.

I also want to make a quick comment about our Mission Team going to the Appalachian Mountains. The team as a whole needs to raise around $ 22,000 dollars. This will get airfare for everyone, plus take care of room, board, and feed up to 60 children a day. Your support right now is crucial for the team. Let us pull together and get our team ready to go. Mark your checks AMPM – Appalachian Mountain Mission Team

God is doing some wonderful things here in our church. I hope you are as excited as I am. Christian Star called me today and told me that a young guest that attend Church last week gave her heart to Christ. Isn’t that fantastic NEWS!!! Also a week ago at youth group a young teenage girl invited Christ into her life as well. This is what we want to see happening all the time at SLBC. God help us to become a LIFE SAVING STATION.

Sincerely in Jesus Christ,

Pastor Kim