A Total Disgrace for the Married People

 Did you hear the latest to come out of the state of California?

Jerry Brown has signed SB1306, that goes into effect on Jan. 1. The bill will strike out the words “husband” and “wife” from all state documents. Husband and wife will be replaced with “spouse”, and the reason given is to accommodate same-sex marriage (became legal in the state last year after the Supreme Court struck down a voter-approved ban on it). Take away our rights, and the rights of the majority for a small fraction of people. Strip away our right for self-government – the vote of the people of California, and now take away from married men and women the right to call each other by the words, husband and wife.

State Sen. Mark Leno (author of SB1306) of San Francisco has said, “I am pleased Governor Brown has recognized the importance of this bill, which makes it explicitly clear in state law that every loving couple has the right to marry in California,” Leno said. “This legislation removes outdated and biased language from state codes and recognizes all married spouses equally, regardless of their gender.”

It not only removes language that has a history worldwide, but it takes by force the rights of the people (the majority) away.

I for one will say, “NO” to Jerry Brown and Sen. Mark Leno. These two men are out of touch with the majority of people in there own state, as well as the United States, and the world at large.

Perhaps next they will seek to do away with the term, “kids” because it makes children feel ignorant and less valued as an individual. I know, lets use the word, “offspring”.

Enough is enough, but as someone has said, “You can’t change stupid.”


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