Welcome to our Children’s page. Here you will see some of the ministries we offer for children.
Sunday school
– The Gospel Project
Sunday Mornings at SLBC
When: 9:50 A.M.
Sower’s Fellowship Hall
Ages: Pre-school to 6th Grade
Kid’s Church
– We offer a Children’s church for the Second Service (11:00 A.M.) Kids sit with their parents until the worship segment of the service is over, and then they are dismissed to go downstairs for their own “on their level” church service.
Tony & Aisha Alexander and their team of leaders have a desire to impart biblical truth into their lives. They teach through the methods of puppets, songs, flannel graph, and other creative and eye captivating ways. Their love for your kids will become very obvious. They make sure that you child loves CHURCH, and that when they become old enough to sit in adult church, they will desire to.
–  You may ask, “What is Awana?”  Awana is a non-denominational, international, Bible-centered youth organization.  For 60 years, Awana has been a leader in children’s ministry, helping churches and parents worldwide raise children and youth to know, love and serve Christ.  Awana provides fully integrated evangelism and discipleship programs.  
Each weekly meeting includes Game Time, where students compete around the unique Awana game circle; Handbook jTime, during which students work from their handbooks while interacting individually with their leaders; and Council Time, during which a Bible message is presented.
Our SLBC Awana Club ministry will begin September 13, 2018 and run through May 2, 2019.  Club will be held on Thursday evenings from 6:00 pm through 8:00 pm.  We will offer Cubbies for our 3 and 4 year olds; Sparks for our K – 2nd grade students; and T & T (Truth & Training) for our 3rd through 6th grade students; Trek for our 7th & 8th grade Junior Highers.   Pugglies (nursery) will be offered for our Awana workers.   For the safety of our children, a background check is required for all adults 18 and over who will be working with our precious students.
On-line registration for the 2018/2019 Awana Club is available now.  Please make sure that you complete the Awana Registration and Permission Form and the Parent Authorization Form which is just below the registration form.   For your convenience, you may sign up below.